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Streetwise Ballistic Shield 8x10 Rear Guard Backpack Insert



Streetwise Ballistic Shield 8x10 Rear Guard Backpack Insert

When it comes to your child's safety add a layer of protection with a rear guard insert. Weighing about 1 pound, it won't weigh your child but it give you a piece of mind. There's too much going on in the schools and streets to let them go unchecked.

Made of a high-tech material know as Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), it measures eight by ten inches, weighs 11.9 ounces, and is flexible enough to conform to whatever it is placed in.

No special tools needed. This insert instantly converts your ordinary backpack, laptop case, or handbag into a ballistic shield capable of stopping nearly all hand gun rounds (even 9mm and .44 Magnum!) as well as protection from sharp or pointed weapons

The Rear-Guard Backpack Insert from Streetwise Security Products keeps you safe during your retreat. When fleeing is not an option, you can remove your backpack and hold it in front of you as a shield or purchase two inserts. 

These inserts were tested by an independent facility to National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level 3A standards. This is the highest level of protection currently available for lightweight, flexible (soft) body armor.