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How Goddess Armor Protection Got Started 

Before retiring from the Army your Goddess was in charge of Sexual Assault Advocates at the local medical center here at Fort Hood, TX. During that time I came face to face with people both women and men that were assaulted sometime in their life. Many  of them were still living the pain. When I retired I wanted to continue the work that was started back then, so I decided to become an sexual assault advocate for the Bell County.. Again listening to many tell their stories over and over. I had to do something except listen. I wanted to INSPIRE, EMPOWER, & let women know they are Goddesses that should be adorned not brutalized, not take for granted, or made to feel less than. 
Two years later Goddess Armor Protection was born into this world. Born into the premise that every woman is a Goddess and every Goddess should be protected. 
My purpose is to always provide multiple layers of protections to those in need. And making sure you get service after the sale.You'll be able to purchase concealment purses, TASERS, stun guns, pepper sprays, college safety kits, discrete weapons and home security devices.
Stay with your Goddess as I bring safety straight to you; appearing at gun shows, special events, home parties, and office gathering.YOU WANT IT I GOT IT. Email me or call us by phone